.:I left my 9-5!:.


Yesterday was my last day at my 9-5 design job. I’m currently sitting here in my apartment sipping coffee trying to determine the mixture of feelings swirling around in my chest. There is the slightest presence of fear, however the dominant feeling is excitement. I have been preparing for this moment for very long time but never really imagined what I would feel when it happened.

I wrote this post over the summer when it really hit me that I was not happy where I was and that it was time to take control of what I wanted in life. I had settled into a job I hated and it was eating at me from the inside out. I knew that if I really wanted something I could make it happen and began preparing for change. 

The road was tough but I learned a lot. I knew I wanted to teach yoga and I knew I loved being around people. I decided that’s what I would do. I would teach yoga and work part time in a restaurant (a job I have always loved). 

So the journey began. I worked hard to save money while I continued working my unsatisfying job. I overloaded my schedule. Every moment I wasn’t at work I was in the yoga studio. I was completely dedicated to myself and my dreams. I practiced patience and detachment. Even in moments of complete frustration I found peace and kept faith that following my passion would reward me.

I lead my first yoga class three weeks ago and with one foot in the right direction I decided to start running. The past couple weeks at my job I have been completely detached. I have felt a powerful calmness and connection to hope. The universe let me know it was time and now here I am.

I leave for a yoga retreat in El Salvador tomorrow morning and will return to a brand new chapter in my life. I don’t have an exact plan, I don’t know what is going to happen for sure, but I do know I’m where I am supposed to be, following the path I am supposed to be on. There is something both extremely exciting and very settling about that.

Yesterday I packed up my office, tossed it in a cab and headed back home. I shut my eyes for a moment, connected with my inner self and felt the confirmation of the situation. I thought, this is it. Here we go.

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    This makes me very emotional, as it’s also been my dream. I would have to face so many fears to make it there though.
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    Yesterday was my last day at my 9-5 design job. I’m currently sitting here in my apartment sipping coffee trying to...
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